I've been waiting to see you 
Such a long, long time 
It feels like I’ve missed you
For half of my life

I’ve been waiting to ask you 
For most of the year
So hurry
I need you here
At Christmastime
So hurry, I need you here 

When I held you
And told you
You were half of my heart
We knew that the world might
Force us apart

But at last I can see you
At last there'll be time 
To ask you if you'll be mine

I see a light outside
Hear a key in the door
Oh, I’ll miss you, miss you no more 

In the doorway 
On this cold Christmas night 

I hold you 
And ask you
To share my life 

With the ring on your finger, 
A tear in my eye
My heart is complete again 
At Christmastime 

You’ll be right here in my arms
You’ll be all of my heart

We’ll never be apart again
At Christmastime